Rahelia Evening Wear
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A little about Rahelia (Rachel) Durrani and Rahelia Evening Wear
Rahelia Durrani's mission is to dress women for the most important days of their lives, and she has been doing just that for over 25 years. Although her store carries a full service evening wear and accessories, Rachel specializes in working with women who don't want to look matronly. Her success comes from taking women who are size 14 or 16 and making them look like a size 12.

The store, which bears her name, has recently relocated from Fairfield, Connecticut to it's new location in Westport, Connecticut, a move that was made to further accommodate her large client base that resides in the Westport and its environs. The store, with its comfortable couches, chairs and soothing decor, has a relaxing atmosphere where women can feel comfortable while selecting a cocktail dress, a gown for her daughter's wedding or son's Bar Mitzvah.

Her clientele is a discriminating one who looks to her to provide them with the most stylish and up to date evening ware and accessories, while combining good taste and incredible service. Rachel tries to deliver on these expectations every time because your satisfaction is the reason that she is here. Her unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why her customers keep returning for those special occasions, year after year.

  "Rachel I was extremely grateful to you as I had not been able to find anything for my sons wedding until the day I walked in to your store and there you were ready to help me. Thanks to you for good taste and all of your help. The dress you chose for me was gorgeous and it made me feel so good when I saw the admiring looks my son and husband gave me. I was very pleased".
                    Mary Alice Waters